Trachte Building Systems Grows Through Acquisitions

Karen Knapstein
Trachte Building Systems, Inc. has announced the acquisition of three related businesses located in Vernon, Alabama: Roof Mart, LLC, Made Right, LLC, and Metal Land, LLC. 
This acquisition will provide Trachte Building Systems with a new operating platform that will improve its position as a leading resource for self-storage building systems, steel curtain doors, refurbishment services and public safety training systems. It will also provide the required resources to accelerate the growth of Roof Mart and Made Right Buildings.
Trachte has also announced that Joe McNees, current COO of the Roof Mart companies, will be joining the Trachte organization as General Manager for the new Roof Mart division of Trachte Building Systems.
The Trachte company welcomes its new teammates and looks forward to continuing the valued relationships with customers and suppliers of Roof Mart and Made Right. “Roof Mart’s entrepreneurial roots and customer-focused culture make the Roof Mart team a natural fit with employee ownership. We welcome the Roof Mart teammates to the Trachte team. We will invest in our Vernon operation to enhance the value of all of our combined products and services for our customers.” Jeff Burbach, CEO Trachte Building Systems

About Trachte Building Systems

Founded in 1901, Trachte Building Systems, Inc. is an employee-owned company and a leading manufacturer of metal prefabricated buildings and components for self-storage, fire training towers, and tactical training facilities. The company creates high quality individualized solutions with its extensive industry knowledge and vertically integrated capabilities - designing, engineering, manufacturing, and erecting.

About The Roof Mart Companies

The Roof Mart companies were started by Robert McNees in 2004 and are based in Vernon, Alabama. Roof Mart and Made Right manufacture and market metal roof panels, wall panels, trims, trusses, sheds, and post and beam building packages. They also erect post-frame buildings.