Perma-Column precast concrete columns

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There is a movement underway in the post-frame construction industry - and builders should take note. Recognizing that wood columns in the ground have limitations, savvy consumers are driving market demand for permanent solutions.

Treated wood posts and columns have their place in post-frame construction but do not always serve the long-term needs of the customer. Challenging soil conditions can adversely impact the useful service life of wood columns. Poured concrete is an enduring solution but comes with a premium in materials and labor.

Consumers want their investment-and their structure-to be long lasting. They will seek to work with builders who can provide the right solution. Builders that expand their offerings to include precast concrete foundations will flourish while their competitors flounder. Perma-Column® is what consumers want - and builders need.

Since 2003, Perma-Column® has become a leading supplier for alternative foundations in post-frame construction. ICC-Certified Perma-Column® posts are precast concrete piers that fasten to any post or wood column, allowing post frame with no concrete trucks, and no treated wood in the ground. If a poured concrete foundation is preferred, the ICC-Certified Sturdi-Wall® product is the answer. These heavy-duty brackets come in wet- and drill-set variations to fit most common sizes. All products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.

International Code Council (ICC) has evaluated and certified the Perma-Column manufacturing facility.

"Certification confirms our efforts to provide high-quality products to builders," says Mark A. Stover, Perma-Column president. "Obtaining an ICC certification of compliance is not easy. A manufacturer must be willing and able to invest significant time and resources during the certification process. Builders can work with the confidence that our products will meet national code requirements. It also makes it easier for builders to get permits and approvals.

Compliance with building codes and standards is a concern of 46% of NFBA members (Frame Building News, January 2019), a recent poll found. Another 41% are worried about attracting new business. Perma-Column addresses their concerns.

Perma-Column® offers many advantages for consumers. Guaranteed to last for generations. Perma-Column protects a homeowner's investment for years to come. It provides the strength of concrete without the expense of a continuous pour concrete foundation. It eliminates the cost of repairing or replacing damaged wood in the future. Chemically treated wood can contaminate soil; Perma-Column precast concrete columns are environmentally friendly, containing no toxic chemicals.

The precast columns are three times stronger than concrete and install easily using existing construction methods. In addition, comparative-strength testing at the University of Wisconsin and Purdue University found they outperformed industry-standard wood columns.

The Perma-Column® family of post-frame products includes Sturdi-Wall® anchor brackets for new construction, repairs, and renovations. And for deck construction, Perma-Column precast deck posts use the same groundbreaking design as the post-frame system.