Industrial Caulk & Seal Helps Other Contractors Affected By Pandemic

Karen Knapstein

BALTIMORE -- In keeping with a corporate philosophy developed around relationships, Industrial Caulk and Seal has sought out competitors which have suffered significant losses as a result of the COVID pandemic and put those contractors to work.

"No company is immune to a crisis and we've had our share," states Cory Flohr, Vice President, Industrial Caulk and Seal, "We are fortunate in that we have a lot of work in essential industries and are happy to share that work with those companies that have been less fortunate."

David Botley, President, Industrial Caulk and Seal, adds, "This is a time to set aside our differences with competitors and work toward the greater good. We genuinely appreciate our peers in the industry and appreciate the work they're performing alongside our own employees. Working together will be how we all survive this economic turmoil."

Industrial Caulk and Seal posted fantastic numbers for the first quarter, and those numbers were a direct reflection of enlisting the help of competitors whose work-log had been severely affected by the pandemic. This industry-team approach adopted by Industrial Caulk and Seal over the past several months has and will continue to have a lasting positive influence on the industry as a whole.

About Industrial Caulk & Seal

ICS is a nationally recognized commercial contractor serving the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Founded in 2001, ICS has worked aggressively to set the industry standard in commercial concrete polishing, commercial caulking and semi-rigid joint fillers, commercial flooring and coatings, and comprehensive floor repair and restoration.

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