AG-CO manufactures FootingPad post foundations and polyethylene cupolas

701 W State Street
Saint Johns, MI 48879
United States

FootingPad® is an innovative foundation for posts used in deck, post-frame and other construction. Engineered and code compliant, this footing isnearly indestructible and eliminates the need for mixing concrete or other heavy and hard to handle

FootingPad post foundations work by spreading the load of a structure over a larger surface area. See for detailed information on usage and installation.

Code Compliant - FootingPad undergoes controlled testing under extreme conditions, including long-term tests in conditions much harsher than found in the field. AG-CO works with the International Code Council (ICC), an organization that develops and publishes building codes. They also evaluate, inspect our factory and certifies FootingPad to meet the criteria of the major code writing organizations (IBC and IRC). Find a copy of the report, ICC-ESR 2147, at
Paul Kluempers