2020 Gold Key Winner: The Bradbury Group

Karen Knapstein
The companies within The Bradbury Group provide quality equipment and exceptional service to customers with all production level requirements.
Thinking of stepping into the panel roll forming business? We offer entry level pre and post cut panel roll forming lines that produce the highest quality panel in the industry. Already in the panel business and need to increase your output rate? Our BOSS panel line has production speeds up to 300 FPM with an accuracy of 1/16”.
Do you currently manufacture metal building and roofing trim? We build hydraulic trim folders as well as 4 x trim roll formers which give you profile flexibility while saving floor space.
Would you like to increase your manufacturing efficiency? Our controls make production machines more profitable with our office to shop capabilities. We also offer control retrofits — one of the most economical ways to increase productivity and reduce scrap on an existing machine.
We are here to increase your production and effectively grow your business.
Call us to find out more about our products and services. One Bradbury Group — working for you.