2020 Gold Key Winner: Plyco Corporation

Karen Knapstein
Plyco Corporation, Making a World of Difference
For over 60 years Plyco Corporation’s success has in part been based on assembling the best team to guide its contractor and distributor partners to the best products for their building projects. Plyco makes every effort to be the industry resource for building components.
The ability for Plyco to provide the highest level of service, coupled with a wide range of products to fit any industry needs, starts with its sales and manufacturing teams. With more than 500 years of combined experience in the construction industry, the group has been involved with almost every type of building project. Twelve territory managers and eight inside sales professionals are in daily contact with the industry. They offer product knowledge with the backing of decades of experience and work with contractors and distributors from the start of the process, through planning a project, to the final installation of doors, windows, ridge vents, etc.
Plyco’s engineering team focuses on product development and testing as a cornerstone for the company. The engineering team works to develop high quality products that meet performance and functionality expectations. Plyco products constantly undergo rigorous in-house as well as third-party testing to meet required building codes, including Florida and Texas wind approvals.
Plyco products, manufactured in one of two U.S. facilities, allows the manufacturing and engineering team to control product quality; the kind of quality that includes staying ahead of the curve on code changes and making sure products continue to meet or exceed code standards. As the codes and markets develop, Plyco is driven to stay ahead of the market with a team of in-house engineers who track codes and drive the quality of products.
Plyco is not a company that just sells a product; it also strives to service the customer with everything from training to product application, and much more.
The construction industry continues to grow and evolve. For more than six decades Plyco has partnered with the construction industry to build the best available. It’s about the best products, the best customer service and the best relationships with its customers.
Plyco is dedicated to bring to market quality products for the post frame, metal frame and commercial construction industries. Plyco continues to make a world of difference for the construction industry and its customers each day.