2020 Gold Key Winner: MFM Building Products

Karen Knapstein

Added Revenue Opportunity

MFM Building Products' DeckWrap PowerBond® is a self-adhering and self-sealing membrane for use on the structural support system of a deck, as well as posts. The product features a durable film surface and patented PowerBond™ adhesive system to aggressively adhere to the wood surface, even in cold temperatures. Using DeckWrap PowerBond® will extend the life of your customers’ decks and posts by preventing water penetration.
DeckWrap PowerBond® is suitable for use with treated, untreated, and synthetic wood types. It also stops corrosion of metal components in contact with ACQ-treated lumber.
A great accessory product to compliment your deck sales.
Free product samples, technical literature, installation instructions, and more are available by calling 800-882-7663 or by visiting www.mfmbp.com/deckwrap.