2020 Gold Key Winner: DripStop (Filc)

Karen Knapstein
We want to thank our partners and customers for their continued trust and service. DRIPSTOP has served our customers for over 25 years and look forward to serving them through this crisis and well beyond. We want to welcome new builders and assure our existing customers that we will be here to support you.
As a builder or building owner, have you thought or received a call stating, “It’s raining inside my building!”
It is probably condensation. Once the building is up, the remedies are fewer, less effective, and more expensive. THE KEY IS to install panels with an anti-condensation felt like DripStop during construction.
The reason your customers might not think about condensation until it’s too late is… They cannot see it, touch it, or feel it, until it is already a problem. Understanding what causes condensation and the solution for it can be confusing. However, builders who educate their customers about condensation ahead of time can avoid those angry phone calls or concerns.