2020 Gold Key Winner: Covertech (rFoil)

Karen Knapstein

Leading the Way

For more than 30 years, rFOIL reflective insulation, manufactured by Covertech Flexible Packaging has been a North American leader in providing consistently high standards in servicing the rural construction industry.

rFOIL is a patented technology designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss and control interior condensation in residential, commercial and HVAC applications. 

“Because rFOIL is made of non-fibrous insulation,” says John Starr, vice president/partner, “there is no itching or exposure to glass fibers, and no protective equipment or clothing is required”.

He added, “Our approach to providing the top-of-the-line performance insulation, along with our in-house insulation experts and nationwide distribution network makes us the preferred choice of the rural construction industry.”

rFOIL is the only product that comes with a 10 year Ultra Violet (UV) degradation guarantee against material flaking that also includes labor cost.  

rFoil has been approved under the newer and stricter IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) by ICC Evaluation Services (Evaluation report ESR 1226) and is also ICC-ES listed (ESL-1044). rFoil materials are tested under the ASTM 1224 Standard Specification for reflective insulation for building applications.

Covertech Flexible Packaging operates from its modern 107,000 square foot facility in Toronto, Canada and employs more than 100 people.