2020 Gold Key Winner: ASC Machine Tools

Karen Knapstein
“Buy American”: The Advantages of Buying American Made Rollforming Equipment
Trade wars, travel bans, disrupted supply chains, and COVID-19 make buying foreign equipment a risky business. When foreign parts and service are difficult or impossible to obtain, “Buy American” is a smart decision. Buying American equipment also helps to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and support American businesses.
ASC Machine Tools has manufactured rollforming machinery in the USA since 1949, and customers rely on ASC’s prompt and reliable service and parts. While other manufacturers were shut down because of COVID-19, ASC continued manufacturing equipment, providing service, and shipping spare parts.
ASC’s customers operate confidently knowing that service and parts are always just a phone call away, not a continent away. Buying ASC equipment turned out to be a great value and a great decision.