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The Rural Builder Buyers' Guide is the best one-stop resource for those in the post-frame and metal building industries.

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BECK America, Inc.
Muscle Shoals, AL
BECK America, Inc. is the Master Distributor for products manufactured by The BECK Group.
Perma-Column  precast concrete columns
Ossian, IN
Protect your business with a Perma-ColumnĀ® permanent foundation option.
Day Glow Industrial Co., LTD
Day Glow Inc. is a specialist maker of Drilling and Tapping screws, since 1996 in Taiwan.
Dynamic Fastener
Kansas City, MO
Tools & Fasteners
Extrutech Plastics, Inc.
Manitowoc, WI
Since 1992 Extrutech Plastics, Inc., has manufactured bright white, easy-to-clean, interlocking wall and ceiling panels, that have a 20 year Warranty.
Manufacturers of Glue Laminated Wood Products and Wood Trusses
Richland, PA
Manufacturers of Glue Laminated Wood Products (Posts, Beams, Arches, Heavy Timber Trusses, Bridges, Pavilions)and Wood Trusses.
Exciting Building Projects
Trachte Building Systems Grows Through Acquisitions
12/15/2020 Karen Knapstein
Trachte Building Systems, Inc. has announced the acquisition of three related businesses located in Vernon, Alabama: Roof Mart, LLC, Made Right, LLC, and Metal Land, LLC.
Eagle Bluff Ranch
4/20/2020 Karen Knapstein
The Eagle Bluff Ranch Event Venue has breathtaking views and was constructed with a modern, but rustic feel.
Engineered Garage & Shed Create Harmony
4/20/2020 Karen Knapstein
Coordinating the design of a new garage and shed with a pre-existing house was the challenge presented in this Pennsylvania build.
Ramshackle Barn Upgraded To Showpiece
4/6/2020 Karen Knapstein
A remodeled barn is shown as the dilapidated structure that it used to be. Now, it's a showpiece that will serve its owner for many decades to come.